Health and Hospital Districts

Business meeting - group of people in officeVeritySource is used to determine eligibility for many of the largest county-tax funded programs in the country. If your system is the steward of county tax dollars for providing healthcare services to the indigent population, consistent and accurate enforcement of your financial assistance program’s policies is not just critical, it’ the law. Rules are complicated and always changing, and being a “payer of last resort” is difficult to ensure. Simply talk to our Health and Hospital District customers about their audits and efficiency gains after using VeritySource. VeritySource allows caseworkers/staff to focus on helping patients, and management loves the consistent, accurate, and reliable enforcement of policy.

In-house eligibility team at your hospital? Whether you keep your entire book of business in-house, just handle select situations with your own staff, or something in-between, the VeritySource software platform can increase your revenue. How?

  1. VeritySource provides the most robust and flexible selection of tools on the market for managing Medicaid, SSI, QHP, Crime Victims, and many other programs.
  2. VeritySource can integrate with your HIS and other solutions to improve efficiency.
  3. VeritySource is web-based, so you can share data and application status in real-time across your enterprise or with vendors.
  4. VeritySource provides real-time reporting to measure your staff and/or vendor performance.

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Need a solution to meet performance goals for Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid? Our platform provides the step-by-step guidance and tracking needed to ensure your hospital stays qualified for Presumptive Eligibility.



Need an online application? Want to notify patients via text or email instead of snail mail? Want to incorporate real-time data verification into your eligibility interview process? Interested in a consultative view of your eligibility workflows? Contact Us!