slide-2.jpgAccurately determining eligibility for benefit programs can be extremely time-consuming, complicated, and prone to errors.

An April 2006 study by the Office of the Legislative Auditor for the State of Minnesota found 70% of the eligibility determination cases made by trained eligibility caseworkers contained errors just in citizenship evaluation alone, and 18 percent had errors that affected eligibility for benefits.

When you consider the number of federal, state, local, and other programs that all have complex, changing eligibility criteria, it’s no surprise that time and money is wasted both applying to programs and processing applications for the ineligible. Although “screening tools” are sometimes used, they only contain a small subset of eligibility criteria and are not accurate enough to significantly reduce the time wasted with ineligible applicants.

VeritySource™ was developed to overcome this barrier by quickly and accurately testing eligibility for all available programs in a single interview.


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