Increase Reimbursements



Do you manage inpatient eligibility and enrollment assistance with your own staff (versus outsourcing to a vendor)? If so, we know, your staff is very good and they already do a great job! VeritySource does not replace qualified staff, VeritySource is a “CRM”-like tool designed to help even the most experienced eligibility experts manage their caseload and optimize their time. VeritySource works great whether your staff manages your entire uninsured or underinsured population, or if you only keep certain assistance in-house while outsourcing other areas. VeritySource can also help you view your eligibility vendor’s productivity in real-time, on your terms, or better communicate with your vendor as you work your cases and they work theirs.





“VeritySource provided the scope of functionality and integration we sought from a vendor.  Their software platform has enabled us to manage our in-house eligibility determination and follow-up processes more effectively and efficiently.  The ROI has been measurable and surpassed expectations.  Through our partnership with VeritySource, Carolinas HealthCare System has realized significant increases in Medicaid conversions and been able to qualify a broader scope of uninsured patients for financial assistance.  While our team of professionals have always been successful in optimizing the eligibility and enrollment processes, VeritySource provided the tools and consultation we needed to take our performance to the next level.”

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