Payer of Last Resort


Almost every financial assistance program has the same first sentence in their policy manual: “cannot be eligible for other payment source, such as Medicaid”. While this sounds easy enough, rules are complicated and there are lots of exceptions. Also, how do you best manage enrollment for your program(s) during an application process for another program(s)? Do you provide assistance applying to these other programs? VeritySource provides a platform for efficiently and effectively managing a multitude of applications across staff, across programs, across locations, even across organizations.

VeritySource brings Integrated Eligibility Determination for multiple programs across an entire household. This includes screening for other benefit programs simultaneously to ensure each applicant you approve not only meets your rules and policies, but is also not potentially eligible for other payment sources.

While most Hospital Information Systems have fields to record the eligibility data and decisions made by your staff, VeritySource can actually make the enrollment decisions – down to the plan level and length of issuance. Further, VeritySource is customizable, paperless, and easy to use, so Users can optimize their time while assisting patients with multiple programs.

All we do is eligibility and enrollment solutions, so our solutions are the most robust, flexible, and powerful on the market.

  1. Ensure your self-pay patients aren’t potentially eligible for other funding sources
  2. Track and manage each patient’s status from screening to approval
  3. Apply your write-off rules to each account automatically/li>
  4. Route and approve account write-off’s paperlessly
  5. Measure what you manage; real-time productivity and status reporting

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